Custom Order, Richard

Custom Order, Richard

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Het duurt ongeveer 3-4 weken voordat deze bestelling klaar is, zodra ik aan die van jouw begin mail ik je zodat je weet wanneer je het ongeveer kan verwachten. 


All beds are handmade and my own design. This bed is very unique because you can take out the tree and the cover has a zipper so you can wash it easily. It's made of fleece & felt fabric.

Each bed has custom embroidery on it which I apply with my embroidery machine. Every bed comes with a personalised name sign, let me know what you want on it or if you want different colours let me know :)

+/- 75cm width
+/- 23cm height
+/- 70 cm tree height 

There is foam and a stick in the tree, there is also wire in the leaves so you can change the shapes a bit. In the hole where the tree goes in there is a plastic tube to keep it in place.