About me

Hii my name is Janna and I'm the owner and creator of Naïs Products. 

Ever since I can remember I loved making things, drawing, painting, sewing etc. going to the hobby shop was my favorite store as a kid. 

I started Naïs in my last year of college, back then I was still making very different things and hardly sold anything. In 2016 I made the very first Pug Pillow, just for fun, for my own pug Beppie! I got so many people asking me if I would make more, so I did! Fast forward to a few years later and I made more than 200 of them and added a lot of new beds to my range. I also started designing fabric and my own range of beds with my unique fabrics exclusively available in my shop. 

I also still love drawing and I started designing pins, mugs and stationary. Everything you see on this site is created with a lot of love, and it makes me the happiest woman to see that you guys also like it. 

Everything is inspired by my two beautiful pug girls, Beppie & Loena <3

If you want to know more about me you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and I sometimes post a video on Youtube. If you want to read more than 300 5 star reviews, you can see my Etsy shop where I started.