Pug Music Mobile Pink
Pug Music Mobile Pink
Pug Music Mobile Pink
Pug Music Mobile Pink

Pug Music Mobile Pink

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Baby's love music and pulling things, a must have for any pug lover!

This design I made for my baby boy Mateo. Every mobile is handmade by me from my own design which I converted to an embroidery design for my machine.

Materials: Minky Shannon Fabrics. This fabric feels super soft and cuddly and is made in vibrant colors, high quality and especially for plush makers. 
Embroidery thread: Mettler. 

Dimensions: about 23cm x 18cm. This can vary a bit since they're handmade.


- Twinkle Twinkle Little Star: https://youtu.be/Snsahj9Py9I
- Somewhere Over the Rainbow: https://youtu.be/lUJGT-bBubA
- Schlaf Kindchen Schlaf (slaap kindje slaap): https://youtu.be/q3uoxjz_Vko
- It's a Small World: https://youtu.be/BHnD8KbR2pw
- Brahms Lullaby: https://youtu.be/RJjeFVnkL8g
- Carousel Waltz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qa2Ti6vfjcs 


Disclaimer: This product should be used for decoration and not be left alone in a baby crib or playpen unattended.